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Owner, Mark Draa

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Home Computer Help
Home Computer Help

Home Computer Help – This is Our Story

Our story is pretty simple.  My name is Mark Draa, and I am the founder and owner of Home Computer Help.  Because I’ve been working with computers since 1982, I’ve seen just about everything that has come along.  I worked for 22 years doing desktop and network computer support in the actuarial and pension consulting industry.  Since starting Home Computer Help in 2004, I have found that I truly enjoy meeting my customers one-on-one, and helping them with their computer issues.  They say that if you do what you love, it’s not really work.  Well, that pretty much where I am,  I really love getting out and meeting folks, their dogs and kids.  You really feel you are helping – and that’s a great feeling.

We’re a family business – My wife Barbara answers the phone, handles all of the appointment scheduling and other office duties. I couldn’t do this job without her.  My son Brian, who has been with me for almost 5 years now, does both field and remote support.

We provide friendly, knowledgeable support, and we won’t talk down to you.  We realize that everyone has their field of expertise, but for most people, that doesn’t include computers.  We’d love to be your personal IT department — It’s what we do best.  Call Home Computer Help today and see for yourself!

Home Computer Help

Service at your Home

We can provide in home fixes for virtually any problem you have with your home computer. At Home Computer Help, we’re a family business and we pride ourselves on individual, one-on-one relationships with our customers.  Friendly, affordable service with knowledgeable techs.

Home Computer Help

Service at your Business

Depending on the amount of service required, we can set up maintenance contracts or pay-as-you-go arrangements – whichever works best for you.  Because every business is different, please call for a free consultation to determine your individual needs and how we can help your company address them.

Remote service

Remote Service

We can repair many problems remotely by having you connect to our computers – no home visit required! Remote service has only a 30 minute minimum charge, and no fees accrue until we are connected to your computer and working.