PC and Mac service
at your home

We can provide in-home fixes for virtually any problem you have with your home computer. Don’t spend days trying to resolve an issue we could fix in a fraction of the time.

No problem is too small for us to handle. You’ll be so glad to finally have a trusted computer professional who offers timely and affordable service.

  • PC and Mac general troubleshooting – We can figure out that thorny problem

  • Viruses and malware – Getting rid of all of those Internet nasties

  • Remote service – Many problems can be fixed without coming to your home

  • Laptop screen repair – Accidents happen; we can help

  • Email setup – Get your messages

  • Data recovery/backup – Protect against and recover from disasters

  • Purchase consultation – We’ll help you figure out the best purchase for you

  • Hardware / Software Installations – Got a new printer? We can help

  • Upgrades – Should I or shouldn’t I?

  • Windows reinstallation – The nuclear option

  • Networking – Sharing your files and printers

  • Wireless Networks – Surfing from the couch

  • Training – Learn how to get the most from your computer

Remote Service

If you have a working Internet connection, we may be able to resolve your issues without even coming to your home. Ask if our remote service is available for your specific issue. If so, there is only a 30 minute minimum charge, and no fees accrue until we are connected to your computer and working. This can be a very efficient way to fix many problems. And – depending on scheduling, same-day service is often available. You have complete control over the connection and can see everything that is done, so security is maintained. When our service is complete, the connection software is automatically uninstalled. Below are some examples of things we can fix with Remote Service:

  • Email not sending / receiving

  • Software configuration issues

  • Computer tuneup / cleanup

  • Install / Update Software, load Java / Flash / Reader updates, load Windows updates

  • Check logs for previous hardware / software problems

  • Software Training

  • Browser configuration (change home page, etc.)

  • Setup a backup system to your external drive

  • Some printer problems

  • Windows configuration issues

  • Most virus and malware removals

Ongoing Remote Monitoring

We also offer automated, remote monitoring of your computer for a low monthly fee. Get automatic updates, temp file deletion, and advance notice of hardware and software problems – all summarized in a weekly email! Ask about our Sentinal remote monitoring service. This is especially useful for small businesses where your computer HAS to work or you can’t make an income. We will be happy to discuss the options and our very reasonable monthly costs to help you make the right decision for your business.


We’re here to help.

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