Upgrades – Which ones are right for you?

Need help upgrading your Vista computer to Windows 7, or your Windows 7 computer to Windows 8?  Installing the latest version of Family Tree Maker without losing your data?  Adding some extra RAM?   We can help!  Adding upgrades to your computer when appropriate can help you get longer service from your machine.  With a simple analysis we can tell you what upgrades are available and whether or not they make financial sense.  Some upgrades we offer include:

  • Better Graphics Cards – get better resolution, support for multiple monitors
  • More powerful power supplies – sometimes necessary when you add additional equipment
  • Additional optical drives – make copying disks easier with two drives instead of one
  • Bigger monitors – these are surprising inexpensive today
  • Multiple monitors – help your productivity – keep your email or facebook on one monitor and work on the other!
  • Bigger hard disks – more storage for all those pictures
  • Additional hard disks
  • Additional RAM memory – Biggest “bang for the buck” upgrade.
  • Operating system upgrade – Want to move up to Windows 8?

Sometimes, a simple $40 increase in RAM is all your computer needs to feel new again.  A better graphics card and an additional monitor might double your productivity!  Call us today for an appointment and we can review your options.