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Should I Get the New iPad?

Posted April 29th, 2013 by Mark with No Comments

Should I get the new iPad?


So now that the newest iPad (officially called “iPad with Retina,” but almost everyone refers to it as “iPad 4″) has been out for a while, a lot of people are wondering: “Should I get the new iPad?”

Based on features, the new iPad 4 has 3 major advantages over the previous iPad: iOS 6 (their latest operating system, which includes “Siri,” their voice-controlled assistant), the A6X processor (faster than the last one), and the connectivity port (all digital, so “better” than the previous one, although any existing peripherals you have won’t work with the new connector).

The display is 2048×1536 pixels in a 9.7 inch screen. That’s more pixels than a 55inch HDTV! This makes pictures more vivid; fonts clearer; and watching HD videos much better. This is the main “technological leap” – no other tablet has a resolution even approaching this. This feature was actually introduced with the iPad 3, though it is a major improvement from iPad2 or the original iPad.

The new iOS 6 offers major upgrades and improvements compared to older iOS 5 and iOS 4. Mainly Passbook, Maps, Siri, Facebook, Photos, Facetime and Phone features. The iPad 3 is upgradeable to iOS 6, the iPad 2 is also upgradable but without the Siri option.

The dual-core A6X processor makes the iPad 4 snazzier and more responsive. If you’re into games, this will be a noticeable upgrade over older iPads and some games are already reported to be loading and running faster.

So, to answer the question, whether or not you should get an iPad 4: it depends. If you own the iPad 3 or iPad 2 and you’re not into gaming, there isn’t enough improvement to justify the cost of the upgrade, plus you would have to replace any peripherals you have, which only adds to the cost.

However, if you have the original iPad or don’t have an iPad (or tablet for that matter), then you should seriously consider the iPad 4 as it still remains the top tablet on the market.

iPad vs. PC

Posted May 10th, 2012 by Mark with No Comments

iPad vs. PC:  Which one is for you?

iPad vs. PC

Apple’s iPad has had a large presence in the personal technology space ever since it was introduced in April of 2010.  When it was released, many pundits announced the “End of the PC!”  Although the iPad does many things well, I think time has proven that it has not replaced the PC.

I read somewhere that the PC is a “lean forward” device – one with which you actively work.  Conversely, the iPad is a “lean back” device – one where you participate more passively, e.g. using it on the couch while you’re watching TV to look up other movies for a particular actor.

Personally, I find the iPad to be a great adjunct to the PC.  It does “content browsing” tasks very well.  I use it for magazines, for example.  I’ve converted almost all the paper magazine subscriptions I used to get in the mail into digital ones that come directly to my iPad.  I love that I can pick up the device at any point and have a new magazine to read.  No more paper through the door or out to recycling, and no more stacks of magazines on the bedside table that never get read.  The iPad is also great for portable internet access.  Much easier to use and read than a smartphone.

Content creation tasks (writing a letter, editing a picture) are almost always easier on a full fledged PC.  I don’t think anyone is going to be writing the great American novel on an iPad anytime soon (although I’m sure someone will prove me wrong here) — it’s just too cumbersome.

What about you?  If you have an iPad, how has it fit into your life?  What tasks do you use it for the most?  Is there anything you have tried but given up because it was too unnatural or cumbersome?  Comment and Let us know!