Purchase Consultation – Buying the right computer for you

Purchase Consultation.  Let us help you navigate the bewildering world of specifications when you’re looking for a new computer.  How much should I spend?  Should I get an i3 processor?  Is 4 gigabytes of RAM enough?  How much storage should the hard drive have?  How do I choose between a laptop, desktop and an all-in-one machine?  What about a tablet?  Can I do my work on an iPad or Android?  With purchase consultation, we can help you decide, review a potential purchase, or just simply show up at your door with the right computer – it’s up to you.  Of course we’ll make sure it works with your other equipment, too!

Another benefit of purchase consultation is analyzing your needs.  It can be an expensive mistake to buy a new computer and not find out until it is all setup and working that it just isn’t right for you.  Too big, too small, not fast enough, not enough storage – there are lots of things to think about.  Maybe you can get along with a less expensive machine, or maybe your needs require a high-horsepower computer.  Let us help you analyze your situation so you pick the right computer, printer, tablet or phone for your needs – the first time.

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