Laptop Screen Repair

Whether your screen is physically broken, or has gone completely black or white, we can help.  Laptop screen repair can be a fraction of the cost of a new laptop.  We can get screens for most all laptops in just a few days.  Call us for an estimate.

A broken screen makes your laptop unusable.  Sometimes, though, the problem isn’t with the screen, it is the graphics circuitry inside the computer.  To help figure this out try the following:

  • If your screen is completely dark when it should be showing an image, shine a flashlight directly into the screen and look carefully.  If you can see the image that should be there, then your backlighting has failed.  This is fixed with a new screen, a new inverter, or both.
  • If your laptop has a connection for an external monitor – try that.  Hook up a computer monitor and see if your laptop image displays there.  If that looks ok, then your screen has failed and replacing it will fix the problem.
  • If your screen has mechanical damage, it is almost always clearly visible.  There will be big splotches of black, white or color.  If you look carefully, you can see the fractured elements.  As long as nothing else was damaged in the fall or impact that caused the screen to break, then replacing the screen will get you up and running again.  It would be a good idea to run a full hardware diagnostic on the computer, though.  Hard disks in particular do not like being dropped.  :-)
  • If your image comes and goes as you move the lid of your laptop, you likely have a loose or damaged video cable.

If it looks like you need a new screen, or you would like us to do this testing for you, call today for help.