It’s Time to Give Up Windows XP

If your computer is running on anything older than Windows 7, it’s time to upgrade. Microsoft is suspending its support for Windows XP in April of

2014, stopping all Microsoft security updates.

Software vendors are also likely to withdraw their technical assistance soon after, so this is the best time to ensure you’re not left behind. XP will still work, of
course, but it will quickly become impossible to protect it from the countless bad guys on the Internet.

What’s that? Don’t believe me?  Here is an good overview from an independent source.  It’s a little geeky, but still the point is made.

Replace or upgrade?

Upgrading is less expensive than buying a new computer, but it only makes sense if your computer is relatively new. Older computers likely will not have drivers available for the new operating system.

Replacing your old computer, on the other hand, will get you a current processor, lots of RAM, and a bigger hard disk than most folks will ever fill up. We can help you get rid of old equipment, transfer all data, and
ensure nothing is left on the old hard drives.  Note that old computers can be recycled at little or no cost in most cases.

Cutting costs on computer replacement

To cut costs when replacing old computers, opt for refurbished computers as opposed to brand-new ones. Refurbished computers may already have the Windows 7 operating system pre-installed and may also come with a hardware warranty.  However, ensure that you work with a reputable dealer, preferably one who is registered with Microsoft, in order to get quality products running genuine Microsoft software.

Assess what you have

If you’re not sure how to proceed, give us a call and we will do a quick evaluation of your computers and determine whether your computers have the necessary hardware specifications to give up Windows XP and upgrade to Windows 7 or 8.