Business customers teach us how to provide better service for everyone

6 Things we’ve learned from business customers



Here at  Home Computer Help, we have small business customers as well as individual residential customers.  When you are dealing with a small business, they often have different priorities than the average home computer customer.  For example:

  1. Backup is more important – As an individual, losing data on your computer will probably result in you having a bad day, but it is rarely threatening to your livelihood. As a business, however, it is critical that you prevent data loss.  Losing your customer database, or your Quickbooks file means you can’t do any business until you get it back or recreate it.  This could deal your business a blow from which it may not recover.  Backup is more than a good idea, it’s critically important.  Becoming familiar many different backup solutions for businesses has given me more options to offer to my residential customers.  For business customers…
  2. Computer maintenance is more difficult, and more important. It’s important to keep your computers running at their best.  For a business customer, downtime is not only an inconvenience, it means that employees can’t work until their computer is running again.  Depending on the employee’s rate of pay and importance to the business, downtime can be very expensive.  Finding a solution to this in automated monitoring and maintenance has provided me with a system inexpensive enough to offer to my residential customers.  Ask about our Sentinal Remote Monitoring service if you are intrigued by this idea.
  3. When setting up a new computer, a faster process is definitely better. Because of the higher cost of downtime for a business customer, I am continually searching for ways to speed up the process of getting a new computer up and running.  This helps residential customers, too.  Because we typically charge hourly for our services, a faster process means a lower cost.
  4. Remote access is the fastest way to provide service. I offer remote service, when appropriate.  For business customers, this is advantageous because I can spend my time dealing with their problem instead of dealing with traffic.  This applies to residential folks as well, and lets me provide a more flexible schedule.  It allows me to serve customers that are too far away for onsite visits.  As long as your internet connection is working, I can provide service across the country as easily as if it were next door.
  5. Business-class hardware is made better and often has a longer warranty than consumer-class hardware. For not much more money, anyone can purchase  a business-class computer, which is built more sturdily, and often has a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty on the hardware.
  6. Business-class managed antivirus is better than what the individual consumer can buy. Managed antivirus solutions mean that we get notified immediately if one of our customers gets infected, or has trouble with their antivirus software.  In addition, all customers on the system benefit whenever any one of them identifies a new threat because it is then blacklisted for everyone else on the system.  As a bonus, this software is less expensive than the consumer-targeted solutions.  I recommend this system to any customer that needs an antivirus solution – business or residential.

We love our small business customers, and we especially love that solving problems for them allows us provide better service for everyone.