10 Time-Saving Tech Tips

This is a synopsis of a great TED talk by David Pogue, which you can see HERE.  It’s a quick list of time savers, at least one of which should make you say “I didn’t know you could do that!”  Enjoy!

1.  When you are reading a long article on the Internet, hit the space bar to scroll down one page in the browser.  Shift plus space to scroll up one page.  This is much faster than other methods.

2.  When you are filling out address forms on the web, don’t drop down the state list, just type the first letter of your state, and keep hitting it until your state comes up.

3.  When reading a page on the Internet, if the text is too small, just hold the Ctrl key down and hit the “+” key to zoom in a little.  You can keep hitting “+” to zoom more.  Hitting Ctrl and the minus key “-” makes the text smaller.  You can also use your mouse wheel for this function.  Just hold Ctrl and roll the wheel away from you to zoom in, roll it towards you to zoom out.

4.  When texting on your smartphone, don’t hit a period at the end of a sentence, just hit the space bar twice.  The phone will insert a period and automatically capitalize the first letter of the next word.

5.  To Redial someone on your cell phone, just hit the call button, it will put the last phone number you used in the box, hit the call button again and it will dial it.

6.  To skip those annoying and time-wasting voicemail instructions when you call someone’s cell phone, you have to know what the vendor used by the person you are calling.  If it is Verizon, hit the asterisk and it will skip to the beep.  If it is AT&T/TMobile, hit the pound key, if it is Sprint, hit the “1″ key.

7.  Use Google as a dictionary – type Define and then the word you want to know.  Use it to find out about a flight, just type the name of the airline and then the flight number – it will show you where it’s going, the scheduled landing time & gate, etc.  Use it as a unit converter – just type the conversion you want, like: “36 inches in centimeters”, or “3.2 gallons in liters”, or “.75 cups in tablespoons.”

8.  When you want to highlight a word in almost any program, just double-click the word to select it.  Once selected, you can just start typing and it will replace it – no need to delete first.  Also, if you double-click and drag the mouse, it will highlight in one-word increments as you drag.

9.  When you press the shutter button on your digital camera, there is a lag time until it takes the picture.  This time is necessary for the camera to calculate focus and exposure.  You can force the camera to make these calculations ahead of time by holding the shutter button half way down.  Then, when it is done, you can push it the rest of the way and it will take the picture immediately.  No more missed shots!

10.  During a powerpoint or keynote presentation, you can blank out the slide by hitting the “B” key (for blackout) or “W” key (for whiteout).  Hit the key again to bring the slide back so you can continue.